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Ted Snow04/19/1978
Theodore Lewis Snow Sr. was born Apr. 19, 1933, in Knoxville, Iowa to Carroll B. Snow (b.1901 – d.1974) and Antonia N. Naaktgeboren (b.1909 -d.July 2008)

He graduated in Knoxville, Iowa with the Class of 1951.

He was united in marriage to Katherine (Katie) Comstock.

Three Children were born into this union,
Amy Suzanne (Lamphier) b.Mar 24, 1968-d.Dec 6, 2008Ted Snow
Ted Snow Jr. and Diane Jean (Jensen).

Ted died in Des Moines, Iowa on Oct. 9, 1978. He was preceded in death by his parents.

Burial was at Graceland Cemetery in Knoxville, Iowa.

Mary Kathleen Snow
Ruth Ann Snow (Walsh) b.July 16, 1939 -d.03/26/2015