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Joseph Murphy06/06/1997
Joseph Merlin Murphy was born March 7, 1922, at Pella, Marion, Iowa.
He was the firstborn and only son of William Thomas (b.July 16, 1895 -d.Aug 19, 1960) and Carrie Slycord Murphy (b.Feb 1906 d.Aug 16, 2003)

He grew up on the farm with his parents, working alongside his father. He had won a scholarship to
further his education, but couldn’t go because he had to help his father to work
the farm. His only sibling was his sister Margaret Jean (Harris)(b.1933-d.2016).

He excelled in shot-put in high school and broke the record of Bob Leepers record of 43’ 4” with his own
record of 48’ 6 ¾’’ in 1939 until that record was broken in 1981. Joseph held
the Drake University relay shot-put record and was honored in 1979 by Drake University
for that record he held. He also played semi-pro baseball for a time.

He married Patrica Ann Mark on March 22 1942 and was married for 50 years.

He was the father of 4 children, James Mark, Madonna Marie Wallace, Sheryl Jo Bevers, and Billy Lee.
He was the grandfather of Shawn Myers, James Mark II, Shay Devlin Murphy, Gary Joseph
and Jodi Ann Wallace, Paula Marie, and Mark Aron Bevers.

He moved to California in 1949 and lived there until he passed away. He worked at Kaiser Steel, Kraco Industries,
and American Racing Wheels, as a highly skilled craftsman and millwright. He developed the 1st double seam welder
for the bridges that Kaiser Steel erected. He helped build the first all-welded bridge in the world.
Joe Murphy
He worked at the space needle restaurant at Los Angeles Airport. He designed and made the Union 76 sign which was a trademark
in the city of Wilmington, California until it was recently torn down.

He designed and made the conveyor belts for Kraco Industries and for American Racing Wheels.
He even did work on the Queen Mary’s smokestacks.

Joseph was always optimistic and lived each day to its fullest. He was one of the kindest and most sincere people anyone would want in their lives. He touched many people’s lives with his thoughtfulness.  He left his mark and will be dearly missed.

Joseph died June 6, 1997, in Lakewood, Los Angeles, California; he is buried at Forrest Lawn in Cypress, Orange California alongside his wife.