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12/19/2021James Hicks
James Michael Hicks was born on May 1, 1957.

Father: James Vincent Hicks b. Dec 21, 1918 d. Jun 29, 1960
Mother: Kathryn Ann b. Apr 25, 1932 d. Apr 6, 2002

He was raised in Knoxville, Iowa, and graduated with the Class of 1975.
Jim passed away, on Dec 19, 2021, at the age of 64 years.
After it was discovered he faced the battle of cancer.

He was preceded in death by his parents and brother Matthew Vincent Hicks d. Oct 12, 2020.

Left to mourn Jim’s passing include his sister, Debra (Phil) Holloway, and many other family members and friends.

Jim has been cremated and a private burial will be in Graceland Cemetery, Knoxville, Iowa, at a later date.

It is with a tremendously heavy heart and tears in both eyes, I must share with you we have now lost James Michael Hicks.James Hicks

After living over 17 years with absolutely no utilities and relying on collected pop cans to eat on, he was evicted from the family home because of uncollected property tax on 10-17-17.
Once placed in an apartment with all modern amenities and eating three times per day and leading a normal standard of living, it was discovered he faced the battle of cancer.

It is my intention to plan a celebration of his life in the future and will keep you posted.
R.I.P Jim – God has you now!!
Rick Van Donsler